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The Beantown Sound is always looking for innovative ways to create a “WOW” factor at your next event. What better way to enhance your celebration than brining it to life with actual photos, live video animated graphics and more! These items are displayed in High-Definition on Plasma Video Displays.


Photo Montages

Whether it’s a five-minute presentation synced to music or a seamlessly looping slideshow playing in the background, a Photo Montage is a great way to allow your guests to travel back in time  and relive special life moments.

Special Dance Montages

Imagine sharing in a dance with someone special while photos of you and  them are shown our displays. Your photos will become the backdrop to your special dance, creating an unforgettable moment.

Pre Recorded Video Messages

Perfect for times when loved ones can’t make it to your event, but want to share something special. With the help from our team, their recorded speeches & toasts will play on the big screen for all your guests to see.


Animated Event Graphics

Imagine your guest of honor or organizations names or initials, the date of your event, or maybe even a custom logo specific to your event displayed on our screens for everyone see! This image becomes the backdrop of your dance floor.

Instagram #Hashtags

With your help, we create a custom #hashtag and display it on our screens for all of your guests to use throughout the night. This #hashtag will allow all your guests to post their own photos and to see them in one place when the night is over!

Music Videos & Dance Visuals

Enhance the energy on the dance floor with MTV Style Music Videos and Dance Visuals. The perfect combination of the two allows for your DJ to energize the crowd with their favorite videos and text commands like “make some noise!”


Candid Capture & Display

With the permission from your professional photographer, our staff member will go around taking candid and posed photos of you and your guests during the event. These photos will then be displayed instantly on our screens for display.

Live Video Simulcast

What better way to get your guests excited and energized on the dance floor than to put them up on our screens, live for all your guests to see! Our remote control camera can pan, tilt and zoom all over your dance floor so everyone is in on the action!

Other Display Options

Available by request, we can provide additional HD video displays, larger screens and projectors. This is perfect for events with over 200 guests or venues that have unique layouts and require screens in multiple locations for all your guests to see.

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