CJ Cracchiolo


Boston DJ CJ Cracchiolo has had a passion for music his entire life. CJ joined The Beantown Sound with the ambition to rock parties and make dreams come true. Starting out with virtually no previous experience, CJ has had the privilege to work side by side with some of the greatest DJs and MCs that the Boston market has to offer. CJ used his fast learning skills to quickly acquire the expertise needed to provide the high quality and professionalism that your event deserves.

Since embarking on his professional entertainment career in 2014, CJ has already accomplished many remarkable goals in such a small amount of time. He’s even making a good name for himself and creating a good reputation in his hometown as a mobile DJ. Because of his strong will to succeed, he continues to push himself to go above and beyond the expectations of your average DJ. By carefully studying various styles and techniques he has been exposed to over the years, CJ has allowed himself to create his own style of beat mixing and mic work that will bring a fun and unique atmosphere to your event. CJ is great for mixing at all types of parties, and you should expect his charming and easy-going personality on the microphone. He is a team player who is easy to work with and will help keep the party running smoothly while keeping all your guests on the dance floor.

CJ has always had a love for music and has a taste for all genres and styles. When he’s not mixing music for the crowd, he’s either studying Biology at Merrimack College, or writing and recording his own music with his guitar and piano. Being a straight-A student, CJ is a perfectionist who will make sure everything sounds perfect and that absolutely nothing goes wrong at your special event. Since joining the team, CJ has helped make many dreams come true. He continues to grow and follow his goals to become one of the North Shore’s greatest entertainers of all time. CJ currently resides right where he grew up, in the small coastal town of Gloucester.