Karl Murwin


Boston DJ Karl Murwin has had various jobs within the music industry. Now as a special event DJ, he approaches each event with a personal touch, and focuses to customize each event to be exactly how the client has imagined.

Karl has had the pleasure in being part of the one of the largest New Years Eve parties in Boston for over 8 years. He believes a party is not just about the music, but the production value too.  Karl annually attends The International DJ Expo.  This 5 day summit helps keep Karl current with the newest technology, music, and techniques so he can bring the very best to each and every event.

Karl resides in central Massachusetts. In his limited free time, he likes watching a good movie and cuddling up with his wife. He’s passionate about his career as a DJ, and prides himself on being able to understand each and every client he works with, interpreting their wants, needs, visions, and then delivering it to them as a service as their DJ.